At GMI our SAXOPHONE teachers are the best available and total teaching professionals. The saxophone is the most versatile instrument there is, as there are 9 different versions of the instrument.

From the Alto to the Baritone, although the fingering is the same, it depends on what sound you prefer to have. From cleaning, fingering, to soloing on the saxophone, these are some of the basic to advanced topics you'll learn from our professional teachers at GMI Music Ambler. It will help make you smarter and more patient, and this has been proven to improve ones reasoning skills which are essential for Math and Science. The skills you'll learn with GMI Saxophone lessons are transferable into real life situations such as team work and leadership skills. Some great reasons to learn this instrument, especially from GMI, where learning this instrument you also enjoy improved memory, and again, this has been proven in a number of studies that show increased brain power, motor skills and cognitive thinking. Additionally, learning the Saxophone is fun and GMI Music Teachers are the best at developing you and your skills with this instrument.

All Saxophones, Clarinets and Flutes are members of the woodwind family of instruments. The fingerings are closely related with some important differences. Sax and Clarinet use a mouthpiece and reed. Flute sound is produced by manipulating air over and into a tune hole on the head joint part of the instrument. They all read Treble Clef music. Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute are very versatile instruments. All have been used in many types of music. If you are interested in starting up with one of these horns, but are not sure which one is for you or perhaps have questions in regards to purchasing one please feel free to contact us. We are always here to help.

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